Our guest on 9 and 11 July: Rev Dr Bahig

On 9 and 11 July, Rev Dr Bahig (photo) is our guest preacher in the English worship services in the Cathedral. Rev Bahig is the priest of the Egyptian Arabic congregation in the Cathedral. The texts of the weekend are Colossians 1:1-14 and Luke 10:25-37.
Rev Drew will lead Holy Communion.

Rev Drew Schmotzer preaches 2 and 4 July

On 2 and 4 July, our church enjoys the presence of the Rev Drew Schmotzer, the chaplain of our bishop Mouneer. He will preach and lead us in Holy Eucharist. The texts for the day are Isaiah 66:1-10 and Luke 10:1-24. In case the photo confuses you, the smiling gentleman on the left is Rev Drew. The older gentleman is Rev Jos Strengholt who preached in our congregation last weekend.