Eastern Easter is approaching, and we look forward to celebrating together the wonderful message - Christ's death on the Cross which brings our forgiveness, and his resurrection which assures us death is defeated. 

All our Cathedral congregations will be celebrating this Saturday evening at 7pm in the newly-refurbished All Saints'. We're looking forward to seeing what's changed, and to hearing Bishop Mouneer's message as we rejoice together. Join us if you can.
 We meet on Friday at 10am and Sunday at 10.30am as Rev Jeremiah leads us. He has considerable experience of working cross-culturally, and of seeing how the Gospel challenges our cultures and traditions. This weekend, we're considering how the Gospel Widens our horizons. 

The Cathedral renewal project is part of our anniversary celebrations - 25 years as All Saints' Cathedral in Zamalek, 75 as All Saints' Cathedral in Cairo, and 135 years as All Saints' church in the city. That's a lot of life and witness to give thanks for, a lot of faithful people from Egypt and many other nations who have served and worked here. And it makes us "work in progress" - a pretty good business image for followers of Jesus, who are always learning about their Lord and growing in their faith.