World Day of Prayer

We had a special day in Church this morning.  We were praying for Egypt - using the service prepared by the World Day of Prayer Committee. Let by the people who wrote both the words and music.  Many visitors from near and far.

All Age Service

You are the Light of the World.
You are the Salt of the Earth.
Matthew 5

We prayed in Country groups that Christians could be Salt and Light both where we are from and here in Egypt.

Unity in Christ

Lots going on in our service yesterday.

Children challenged us to 'where' we had the Joy of Jesus
 We said a huge thank you to Aida who has served faithfully as our Secretary for 40 years.  We hope she won't go far!

 Peter Nott suggested we all shake hands with everyone after the service - Kenyan Style....

 So we did!

Go in Peace........