As Eastern Christians continue to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus, we continue to see how the Gospel moves out. This week we complete Acts 11, as we see a new church developing in Antioch. It's a powerful story of how ordinary people, travelling and going about their ordinary work, witness both to people from religious and international backgrounds - just as we do. It's also a poignant story, as we watch Syria being torn apart by civil war and many Syrians arrive here in Egypt seeking shelter and safety until they can return. 

Join us on Friday at 10am or Sunday at 10.30am to discover How the Gospel spreads. 

Next week, we'll be welcomlng colleagues and church leaders from all over the region for our Diocesan Synod. We meet like this every two years, to review what's happening in our various countries and to encourage one another as we respond to the opportunities change is bringing.

We're back in the Cathedral while work continues around us. It's a good picture of the Christian life - we are God's work-in-progress! The renewal project is part of our anniversary celebrations - 25 years as All Saints' Cathedral in Zamalek, 75 as All Saints' Cathedral in Cairo, and 135 years as All Saints' church in the city. That's a lot of life and witness to give thanks for, a lot of faithful people from Egypt and many other nations who have served and worked here. 

Our main celebrations will be in the first weekend of November, 1st to 3rd, as we take All Saints' weekend to rejoice at the Lord's faithfulness over these years and as we recommit ourselves 
to trust in him and serve people in his name in the future.