Living the resurrection

The great thing about Easter is we get to keep celebrating for some time to come!

This weekend, we start to think what it means to be Living the Resurrection. Acts 2-5 will be our base, as we see the marks of the new community centred around the risen Christ. We'll see how he transforms life at a number of levels. This weekend, we're thinking what it means to be devoted - and what we're giving our best efforts to.

On Saturday night at 9pm, we meet with Bishop Mouneer and all the Cathedral congregations as we rejoice on the Saturday of Light. Clergy and congregations from many of our churches will be with us.

Next Tuesday at 8pm, we welcome the Cairo Choral Society and their Czech guests the Prague Mixed Choir to sing a mixed program of Mozart, Haydn, Czech folk songs - even some Byzantine Chant. You will be most welcome on this special evening.