Faith in the Nation

As you see from the Bethlehem wall, life is complicated in the 21st century. As we begin a New Year, we wish you God's richest blessing on all you do and wherever you go, however complicated it gets.

As we move into the New Year, we're following in St John's footsteps, sharing the joy of the first followers of Jesus who were delighted to discover that "We've found the Messiah!" Join us if you can this weekend.

Next weekend, Bishop Mouneer's guest is Canon Andrew Tremlett, Canon of Westminster Abbey and Rector of St Margaret's Church, London - the Church that serves the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster.

Canon Andrew will be speaking at our Friday & Sunday services, celebrating The Living Word - the story of the King James Bible. He'll also be speaking at a special public meeting on the evening of Thursday January 5th, from 6.30-9pm.The first part will be about Faith at the heart of the nation - how public Christian faith has transformed nations. After a short break for refreshments in our new Welcome Centre, the second part will be a light-hearted look at Royal Weddings present and past.

You will be most welcome as we start the New Year with the Living Word.