Leadership is on everyone's minds, especially this week in Egypt. With all the Churches, we're praying fervently for the future of the nation. And for its new leader.

On Fridays & Sundays, our Bible teaching takes us into the Old Testament's wisdom on godly and clear leadership. Learning to Lead: Prophet or King? is this week's question, from 1 Samuel 8 & 11. Samuel, who started so well, is coming to the end of the line: who will take on from him, and on what basis? The good news is, God is still the leader of his people, whoever they choose. 

Join us Friday at 10 and Sunday at 10.30am to find out more.

On Tuesday evening this week, at 7pm, you are invited to a service of thanksgiving for the reign and service of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second. A very special occasion after a very special weekend for Britain and the Commonwealth.