James's letter has been our focus these last five weeks - written to known Christians around the world. Hebrews follows, another global letter. If James focussed on putting faith into action, Hebrews focusses on making sure our faith has the right foundation.

In Egypt, as one famous Pastor says, "Everyone believes in God." The he smiles, and adds, "The question is, what is God like?"

Indeed. Hebrews offers us The Full Story about God who has revealed himself in Christ, about Christ who has fulfilled the law and the prophets and made the ultimate sacrifice so we are free to come into God's presence here and now. While there's a lot we don't know, especially as we wait to see what shape Egypt will take, we know this: those who trust in Christ are forgiven, and we are welcome in God's presence together.

Join us on Friday at 10am and Sunday at 10.30am as we start the journey, 
celebrating that God has spoken.