True or False? Nebiyou preaches 30 July and 1 August

The sermon series on the Gospel of Luke continues in our two worship services in the Cathedral. On 30 July and 2 August, our Ethiopian brother Nebiyou (photo) preaches on True or False, based on Ecc 1:2,12-14;2:18-23 and Luke 11:14-28.

Rev Emmanuel from Sudan will lead worship and Holy Communion.

The Rev Mike Parker sends his greetings! He will be back from the United Kingdom to lead our worship service on 6 August.

Learning to Pray

On 23 and 25 July, the Rev Emmanuel, our fine Sudanese priest, will preach in the English worship services in the Cathedral in Zamalek. Rev Bahig (foto), the priest of the Egyptian worship services, will celebrate communion with us.

Texts of the day: Genesis 18:20-32 and Luke 11:1-13. The theme of the sermon is "Learning to Pray".

We warmly welcome you; come and celebate with us!