On to the Cross

In these weeks leading up to and beyond Easter, John is our guide as we follow his Gospel and hear how he tells the story of Jesus' passion and death. What Jesus did changes everything for us. Because "it is finished" we have only to receive and respond.

This Friday at 10am, Bishop Mouneer will be ordaining Rev Chris Chorlton, and Chris's Dad will be preaching as we celebrate. This weekend is the one when we remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and the crowds who paved his way with palm branches. On Friday and Sunday, John 12:12-16 shows how Your King is coming.

And then we follow Jesus, all the way to the cross.

Each day, we'll meet to pray at 9am. On Thursday, from 5.30-6.30pm, we'll meet around the cross to hear The time has come.

Join us if you can and share the most significant journey of all time.