This is our first week meeting in the Diocesan Hall. We cleared the Cathedral and handed it over to the builders on Monday morning, and they'll be working on it over the next three months or so. It's part of our anniversary celebrations - 25 years as All Saints' in Zamalek, 75 as All Saints' Cathedral in Cairo, and 135 years as All Saints' church in the city. That's a lot of life and witness to give thanks for, a lot of faithful people from Egypt and many other nations who have served and worked here. 
As we follow Luke's gospel, he is Introducing Jesus, showing exactly how he's both God and man at once. and how he's uniquely qualified to save the nations. This week we're in for a surprise. Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit - and driven by him straight into conflict with the Devil. Join us as we learn about the normal Christian life, and the power of God's word in our lives.

When you come to All Saints', remember to turn right for the Hall!

Join us on Friday at 10am & Sunday at 10.30am